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The TI experience.
Innovative digital enterprise services that let you stay ahead of competition…by miles!

Triangular Infosolutions (TI) is an ensemble of those who love the field of digitisation, networking and technology, and what it continues to do to industry worldwide. 

If you’ve got data (which you invariably would!), we’ve got the best solutions to house it, network it, secure it, create the best customer experience, create newer services and keep you ahead of the race when it comes to data security, usage and analytics.


We are pioneers in the field having been around for an appreciably long time (from year 2000), and given the varied and complementing profile of our team, have handled networking, storage and digitization projects of appreciable size and complexity. 

In the succeeding pages here, we tell you all about our speciality and why you ought to come to us when its about data storage, networking, analytics and new-age data-related services.

Our Solution & Services Practice Areas


NextGen Data Center


Data going onto the cloud was change but at TI that’s passe given that our products that include:

In Compute Storage, we have the best resources in server consolidation, clustering, HCI, HPC and the likes. In the field of storage too, we are known among others, for Unified SAN, NAS and Software Defined Storage systems.


Digital Network


An efficient digital network is like a rock-solid spine that both carries and stores data in a secure manner for applications that could range from the mundane to the cutting-edge.


What it calls for is the right service provider to help clients chose the right digital network besides setting up the right wireless mediums and data-centre networks.


Cyber Net


Data is more precious than gold. Losing it is one thing. Losing it to the wrong hands quite another. Helping companies stay firmly out of the grasp of cyber-fraud, data-theft, breaches and other eventualities be the brought about by omission or commission is Triangular Infosolutions assistance in the creation of multiple layers of security.


Digital Workspace


Triangualar Infosolutions The digital workspace affords its clients the opportunity to get all their action on a single place. Be it something as simple as recording and analysing phone calls or something as advanced as an entire office on an app, an advanced CRM that records details of a client’s need and ideas, teams, collaborations, meetings and so on, the backbone is ALWAYS a great communication network that lets all of this (and a lot more) take place individually with the minimum of hindrance.


Enterprise Services


Indian Industry has only one future for itself. Continuous, on-the-job training, be it onsite, virtual or class-room based or any other model that gives the best education in the circumstances. While the field itself has more than its share of players, not all of them give what they promise in terms of quality of education or of even the course content’s worth.


Managed IT Services


While machines have only improved with time, expecting the same in the same order with their human operators may be too much to ask. That said, the human element continues to be the single-most important part in any IT, ITES company, and has its share of complexity.


Easing it while bring about higher profitability and output is the objective of TI, and we do it for our client IT and ITES companies in varied ways

Providing focussed solutions in the digital domain that cater to the present, and to the future needs of enterprises

Being an acknowledged, reputed leader in the tech and intelligence space known for their trusted, objective-oriented counsel.

Known for lightning fast and extremely reliable support back-up to their services

ROI-focussed results and solutions that lead to quicker & smoother profit generation.

Why Triangular Infosolutions?

Today’s Business are dynamic and demanding  every moment due to competitions. Business are using advance technology like machine learning, predictive analytics, Internet of thing to sustain& grow. Such New trends in Business are resulting in enormous pressure on IT to support dynamic business & requires infrastructure to be digital & secure,  agile & manageable.

Triangular Infosolutions is incorporated to bring focus to address solutions requirement of digital Business need of our client arising due to digitalization of Economy. Triangular Infosolutions Private Limited (TIPL) is Group Company of triangular automation private limited with . Head office at Pune, Maharashtra and clientele across . We  believe to  develop long-term relationships with our clients and work with them on multiple engagements.

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